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Je suis folle de langues. Je les apprends, les oublie, les apprends de nouveau, mais ne les parle jamais. Non pas que les parler ne m’intéresse pas. Je n’ai juste pas, n’ai jamais eu l’occasion de parler hébreu, chinois ou russe. Sans oublier que j’ai vraiment du mal à prononcer certains sons, ce qui rend les choses compliquées.

Alors je prétends parler anglais et oublie comment m’exprimer en français. Suis-je devenue une de ces fausses bilingues qui ne parle couramment aucune des langues qu’elle prétend maîtriser? J’espère que non. Je dois toutefois avouer que parfois je perds mes mots en français, et souvent, je prononce tout très mal en anglais. Et maintenant, je fais tout pour parler le français canadien.

Et pour rendre tout encore plus compliqué, plus je prends de l’âge et plus je cesse de considérer le français comme ma langue maternelle. Parce que voyez-vous, mes parents ont une langue maternelle différente du français, celle que parlaient mes grands-parents et leurs grands-parents, et tous mes ancêtres. Jusqu’à récemment, j’étais tellement préoccupée par apprendre de nouvelles cultures et langues que je n’ai pas pris le temps de conserver les miennes. Pour la culture, ça ira. Je suis canadienne, le pays où le multiculturalisme prend tout son sens. Toutefois, ma langue maternelle me manque. Je regrette ses sons, ses expressions, ses rires et ses chants, et je n’ai personne pour me l’apprendre.

Alors je choisis le plus facile. Je vais m’appliquer à améliorer mon français canadien et mon allemand, vais apprendre l’espagnol et peut-être me remettre à l’italien, en espérant que je ne parlerai pas toutes ces langues sans en parler aucune.




This is my entire fault. Someone challenged me to read the Lord of the Rings so I bought it or better, them. All three books! As I had nothing to lose, except for my time of daydreaming in buses and subways, I decided to read them all. So, I began the first one, The Fellowship of the Rings.

I thought it wouldn’t be easy to read. Tolkien seeming to be the English equivalent of Proust, in a more fantastic way. However as I enjoyed reading In Search of Lost Time / Remembrance of Things Past and I enjoyed watching The Lord of the Rings and keep enjoying it, I started enjoying the longest fairy tale I have ever read.

Nonetheless, I have a rule: I don’t watch a movie if it is made from a book I have already read. Every time I broke my golden rule, I ended disappointed and disillusioned. So maybe it wasn’t a great idea to read a book after watching the movie. Unfortunately or fortunately, I had no rule for this last situation. I should maybe invent one, but the world would be more annoying, wouldn’t it?

So The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring: I love this book. What I lost because I didn’t understand all the words and because I didn’t have time to open my dictionary every time Tolkien has used a strange or/and complicated word, I earned it by living in another world, a world of mystery and poetry; especially as an English-speaker friend of mine assured me she didn’t understand all the words when she read it. Tolkien’s use of language is magic, enthralling even if he tended to use punctuation parsimoniously. He is definitely a good writer and a great storyteller.

Thus, I didn’t understand why Peter Jackson hasn’t made a movie that sticks to the book. Why did he need to change fascinating parts of the story, the most moving and beautiful ones? Why is it Arwen who saved Frodo from the hands of the black riders and not Glorfindel? Not glamorous enough? Maybe. However who watched The Lord of the Rings for its romantic aspects? No one! Or every one. Who knows?

Why make the Hobbits more stupid than they really are? Pippin and Merry are less foolish in the book, more intelligent, braver and more amicable. They are just normal, stupid in a normal way. And what about Tom Bombadil? He deserved to be in the movie or did I miss him?

Nevertheless, after having read the book, I still love the movie, even if it had a little less magic. It has more action, fewer songs and no description at all. The riders are more frightening, the landscape is amazing and you only have to spare three hours to watch it. I love it even if I would have preferred to watch a movie that is an accurate illustration of the book. Maybe there will be fewer differences between the second parts. I will see. I promised myself to be strong and to only to read The Two Towers in one month, even if my heart aches to forget anything else and only read the Lord of the Rings. It is no longer enough to watch the movies again and again. Now I am also addicted to the books. The first one really consumed me. Is it precious?